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Nokta Holding was founded in Istanbul on March 22, 1988. Exports of citrus fruits was made between the years 1991-1994. Nokta Holding dealt between 1994 - 2001 with the trade of chemicals. Ongoing his growth in the commercial sense in Turkey in 1990s and 2000s, Nokta Investment Holding put also big targets abroad and took control of Azomureş ownership, which is considered as Europe's one of the largest fertilizer factories, as result of a international tender initiated by the romanian privatization authorities in 1997. Nokta Holding carried out the operations of world-renowned Azomures S.A. chemical fertilizer plant successfully since 1997.

With the acquisition of Chimpex S.A. located in the city of Constanta in Romania in 2004, Nokta Holding entered the port sector. Until today Nokta Investment Holding carried out the management of Chimpex S.A. successfully.

As of 2007 investments in the energy sector began. The investments in HEPP sector along with subsidiary companies will keep up. Maintaining his investments in Romania, Nokta Investment Holding entered the marina sector as of 2008. Nokta Holding is the owner of the main marina management located in the city of Constanta Romania. The establishment continues to grow. Due to the high level of payment of corporate tax in 1996 and in 2007, Bronze Medal and Certificate of Appreciation has been given to Nokta Holding by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.