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Azomureş S.A.

Located in City of Targu Mures, Romania, AZOMUREŞ is one of the largest chemical fertilizer and melamine producers in Central / South Eastern Europe with its total production capacity reaching upto 2 million tons per annum.

The Company was privatized as result of a international tender process completed in August 1998. Today, a group of investors, who are physically active in entire operational and commercial managements of the Company, control 76% of AZOMUREŞ ownership, through USA based investment vehicles.


Chımpex S.A. Constanta/Romania

Azomures S.A. Targu-Mures as the majority shareholder is the owner of Chimpex S.A. Chimpex S.A. is one of the biggest port operators of Constanta Port in Romania. It has 10 docks in total. All docks are suitable for deep-sea vehicles to carry.

Total quay length is approximately 2,200 meters. There are 17 cranes, 1 MAN crane and 2 FTH loading cranes, 2 Liebherr LMC 180 mobile dock cranes and a variety of loaders and carriers ... A Terminal with a protected storage area of approximately 90,000 square meter is available .. It also serve as liquid tank terminal with approximately 190,000 CM of liquid fertilizer, chemical and industrial oil and various petroleum products


Çaldere INC.

Caldere HEPP is located in south-west region of Turkey, near Dalaman in Mugla, on Gürleyik creek, which flow into regions main water flow Cal creek. Project will be realized under IPP (Independent Power Producer) Modality, in liberal Turkish energy market.


Kurtsuyu Electricity Production Inc.

Daran HEPP is located in south of Turkey, near Ermenek in Karaman province, on the main river Ermenek creek.

Project will be realized under IPP (Independent Power Producer) Modality, in liberal Turkish energy market.

Daran HEPP project is carried out within the scope of the Electricity Market Law No. 4628

The plant with an installed capacity of 65,38 MW, 42 m3/sn project flow rate and 182,5 m head produces annualy about 180.000.000 kWh of energy.

Construction work started in October 2010 and the work is planned to be completed within 24 months. Electromechanical equipment has been supplied by the consortium Andritz-Lorey Somer.