HEPP Projects / Beşikkaya Dam and Güleç HEPP, Tosunlu Dam and Harmanlı HEPP, Akyürek Weir, Ekşinar Weir and Ardanuç I HEPP

Kura-Coruh Energy Group HEPP is within the structure of company.
Kura-Coruh Energy Group HEPP is located in north east of Türkiye, city of Ardahan and Artvin, on Kura and Çoruh rivers.

Kura-Çoruh Energy Group HEPP project conducted under the Electricity Market Law No. 6446.

The plant with 2 dams; Besikkaya and Tosunlu, 2 weirs; Akyurek and Eksinar an installed capacity of 350 MW produces 828,000,000 kWh of energy.

Besikkaya Dam will be the key structure of project. With more than 100 m of dam height besides energy production it will be the main point of Ardahan Irrigation system.