HEPP Projects / DARAN Hydroelectric Power Plant

DARAN is a Hydroelectric Power Station, with an installed capacity of 67,16mW(e) and has an annual production average of 180.000MWh.
Daran HEPP is physically located in boundries of city Karaman, Ermenek and operational on a section of river Ermenek.
On the weir of Daran I, the water is lined to be transferred to the Headpond with a closed tunnel of 7.500m, and than let to powerstation from a height of 130m with a 3,80m wide penstock transfering 41m3/sec of water transformed to electricity.
The water is than regulated to another 3.500m tunnel to Daran II headpond and to Daran II powerstation with a nethead of 55m. Total capacity of 67,16MW(e) can be reached full with two powerstations together.
Generated electric is than transfered to Mahmutlar Transformator Center with a overhead line of 80kms.
The construction of the powerhouse was started in 2011, and were finalized succesfully in May 2013.